David Walker believes that taxes on West Virginia’s working families are too high. That’s why he voted to eliminate the food tax while serving in the Legislature and never voted for a single tax increase.  David pledges to remove the tax on social security benefits for our seniors, and he will work hard to reverse the tax cut recently given to West Virginia’s wealthiest people who make over $100,000, replacing it with policies that help  working families and seniors.

Property Rights

David Walker is disgusted that corrupt politicians in Charleston allowed their large corporate donors to write legislation last year that forces landowners to sell their mineral rights against their will. He opposes forced pooling and co-tenancy.

Education Funding

David Walker knows that education is our children’s path to the future. Unlike the 33rd District’s current Delegate, David will vote to increase pay for teachers and school service personnel -- not because he’s told to do it by his party’s leadership, but because it’s the right thing to do. He also will restore funding to colleges and university so that tuition is made more affordable.


David Walker voted to fully fund PEIA every year he served in the Legislature, and he is committed to fully funding PEIA once again. He opposes the cuts to senior care that were made this year in order to provide air conditioning in prisons. He will restore funding for in-home care for seniors and will work to ensure that West Virginians will not be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions.


David Walker believes in investing in job training and workforce development. He will create training programs for students who don’t plan to attend college but want to learn a skill to earn a good wage. David will also restore the prevailing wage to prevent local jobs from hiring out-of-state and foreign workers over West Virginia workers.


David Walker knows putting an end to the corruption in Charleston is critical. He will create more oversight on public dollars, like the ones that were supposed to be allocated through RISE WV to help flood victims in our area. He won’t be beholden to corporate interests in order to earn campaign contributions and will always put the people of the 33rd House District first.